DDoS overview

DoS is an attempt to make a server unavailable to users.

Performed by overloading a server with requests.

Include DNS and routing disruption.

Includes using up disk space, processor power or bandwidth.

Includes anything that allows a website to not be able to be displayed.



Distributed network denial of service.

Cheap to launch and difficult to prevent.

Performed by person or group with a grudge.

Used as distraction from other hacking attempts.




Firewalls: Rules used to prevent traffic from the web.

Switches y routers can also have Access control lists and rate limiting.

Load management hardware/software: Make sure there exists request balancing between servers.

Use of proxies.


Good quality server and hosting add more resistance to attacks.

Make a reaction plan before an attack.



While in attack:

Change ip to obtain some time.

Make traffic = null.

Be a good person.


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