Who needs a pass?

Well, you can’t be more wrong mister/miss if you think security is only a bothersome thing. The user who thinks the security is not necessary is usually the most vulnerable because they don’t use good practices in order to protect themselves.

When you use a well known password.

Just to get an idea of the insecurities in which people can incur, in 2015 some passwords like “password”, “qwerty” and “12345” still appearing in the top used. Also, the majority of people use the same password across many sites making a hacker life easier by getting information of multiple accounts by cracking just one.

Now the problem may not look too “important” in the present, but the world is moving to something called the Internet Of Things.

The Internet Of Things refers to the growing devices which can connect to the internet, even the domestic ones like refrigerators, stoves, etc…

Always wanted to know if my refri still has cold water.

The Internet Of Things is designed in order to help improve our lifestyle, but it makes it possible by recollecting information all the time and sending It to the internet. The devices using this technology can have security issues like insecure software, lack of encryption, privacy concerns, etc… This will open paths to hackers to get your information just by hacking the stove or knowing when you are not at home by tracking your toilet.

When you can’t trust even your own toilet.

But then again, not because everyone can be hacked means that we need to escape technology and become some kind of naturalistic radical. We just need to improve our security in order to use all the benefits of the internet without worrying.


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